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<style> .ddl-portal-language{ visibility:hidden; } #UrltoCommunitySignup{ visibility:hidden; } div.row{ Overflow-y: hidden; } </style> <b>Welcome to the Health Forward Foundation grantee portal!</b> <br><br> <b>First time user?</b> <a href="">Confirm your eligibility</a></> <br><br> <p>If you know your username but have misplaced your password, click the <b>‘Can't access your account?’</b> link.</p> <p>If you have previously registered for this portal, but have misplaced your username, please contact Health Forward’s grant administration staff. <b>HINT:</b> Your username is most likely the handle of your email address. (e.g. The username for <b></b> would be <b>“janesmith.”</b>)</p>